Although Chad Calek knew who Sergey Poberezhny was through watching Paranormal State in its first season, Calek didn't know his value to Ryan Buell and the Paranormal Research Society until Buell began speaking to Calek about Poberezhny being not only tech savvy, but in the most extreme moments of dark and intense cases, Buell claimed that Poberezhny had ice water running through his veins, and that he could always count on Poberezhny leading silently by keeping his cool... when most would panic.

Calek experienced this first hand during his first ever case with P.R.S., when Poberezhny was monitoring Calek from the third floor of a demonically haunted residence, after Calek was locked in the basement of the house, which was also the area that clients and a psychic identified as "ground zero" as to where the entity would enter the home.

After growling occurred in the basement that was so loud it could be heard not only the second floor with Buell, but also on the third floor where, where Poberezhny was stationed, even for a hardened investigator like Calek, it was difficult not to let fear overcome courage. But though the walkie system and the IFB, Poberezhny provided Calek with a calmness that allowed the situation to become manageable. while at the same time, keeping Buell informed of the situation throughout the entire investigation.

Nicknamed "KGB" by Calek due to his obvious Russian lineage, and the fact that Sergey is highly intelligent, Calek and Poberezhny also found a bond of friendship through their mutual love for still photography, as both are budding professional photographers.

In between sharing laughs on the road with Paranormal State, Calek and Poberezhny would constantly share their latest and greatest pics with each other, while many times discussing how cool it would be one day to hit the road for a cross country photo-only tour with both the PRS and AGH teams, where each could sharpen their skills as photographers, and at the same time, create a portfolio of the country. But unfortunately the schedule of Paranormal State never allowed for that much time away.

When it came to filming American Ghost Hunter, because Calek and Buell knew going into the process that it would be an incredibly dark and intense road to travel, Calek wasn't sure if Buell would call on Poberezhny or not, as Poberezhny is the second in charge at PRS, which means he has countless responsibilities when Buell has to step away for filming, press tours and projects such as AGH. Needless to say, Calek was honored that Poberezhny was asked and accepted the offer to help in attempting to unravel the mysteries surrounding Calek's family.

True to past form, for everyone involved, Poberezhny was as calm and collected as anyone could have been asked to be throughout some truly horrific circumstances. And it goes without saying that his tech expertise made a meaningful difference during the many investigations that took place during the documenting of American Ghost Hunter.

It should also be noted that with the upcoming American Ghost Hunter tour, that finally... Calek and Poberezhny will get the chance to hit the road with their PRS and AGH teams, where they'll get the chance to build the cross country photo journal that they had discussed so many times in the past.

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